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These are the people that make Quiet Rift Studios possible.

Antony Auciello Avatar

Antony Auciello


Hi, my name is Antony, I have been creating games ever since I first discovered Game Maker in early high school. I started off making a bunch of 1984 shoot em up clones where I always snuck in a secret cheat button that shot a screen clearing laser. I have come a long way since then and now with the help of my incredible team, I am working on my first commercial game, Arena Tails.

Immy Khodr Avatar

Immy Khodr

3D Artist

I'm Immy, a versatile 3D artist immersed in the vibrant world of Arena Tails, wearing many hats to bring imaginative worlds to life. With a deep passion for nature as my muse, I blend creativity and technical prowess to craft captivating digital landscapes that transport players into enchanting realms of wonder.

Tarsha Schaller Avatar

Tarsha Schaller

3D Artist

Hey I'm Tarsha, a 3D Artist with an addiction to old school games and a love for the future of games.

Stuart Brink Avatar

Stuart Brink

Game Designer / Programmer

Hi my name is Stuart, I am a Computer Science graduate with a passion for user experience satisfaction. Effective at identifying problems and creating workable solutions.